Samsung Robot Vacuum Vs. Roomba Robot Vacuum

The Roomba and Samsung are the top selling robotic vacuum cleaners in the market. These two cleaners operate automatically and have various special features. Though both the cleaners are designed especially for cleaning the surfaces, the design and setup are totally different and it is based on the brand name.

Among these two; the Roomba brand is the top selling brand in the market and the Samsung brand ranks the second as a competitor. Samsung has designed many new varieties and models to beat Roomba model. The various features and characteristics of these two models are listed below.

I Robot Roomba vacuum cleaner

This is an automatic vacuum cleaner that has many features and advantages. This vacuum cleaner offers complete support to the user. This brand was originated in 1990 and has crossed 25 years of service. It maintains its reputation with the use of many innovative technologies. Some features of I Robot Roomba vacuum cleaner are listed below.

IAdapt navigation

The important feature of Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner is the navigation system. The navigation system is completely offered with the help of various sensors. This robotic cleaner moves through the edges and throughout the room and cleans the ground efficiently.

3-stage cleaning system

Roomba robotic cleaner offers 3-stage cleaning system for efficient cleaning; it agitates, brushes and suction floors.


The shape of irobot vacuum cleaner is round and it can easily move around the room. The size is compact and it can easily move under the furniture and clean the floor. This robotic vacuum cleaner is powerful and can climb over the carpets. It is also designed in such a way that it does not fall on the floors.


The next important feature is the self-charging capability of the cleaner. Whenever the charge is low, it moves to the charging spot and recharges itself. It takes about 180 minutes for charging. The battery life is about 90 minutes.

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Key Features

  • 3 stage cleaning system
  • IAdapt navigation


  • Easy operation
  • Self-charging

Samsung robot vacuum cleaner

The Samsung robotic vacuum cleaner is the easiest way to clean the home. This cleaner has many innovative features and it offers easy cleaning techniques. It easily determines the regions to be cleaned and the regions that need not be cleaned. Noise produced is very less and it will not disturb the user while cleaning.


This is an automatic cleaner that starts and finishes off on its own. The unique feature is, it empties the dustbin when it is full.  To make its dustbin empty, this cleaner moves to the docking station and removes the dirt. Then, it returns to the place and continues cleaning.


The design of this cleaner is unique and the size is compact. Like the Roomba cleaner, this can also move under the furniture and clean the area. It has scheduled programming that can be programmed daily or weekly.


The navigational sensors navigate, the cleaner in the respective direction. These sensors make the robotic cleaner move accordingly based on the room’s length and width. This makes the cleaner to run smooth without any drawbacks.

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Key Features

  • Sensors
  • Scheduled programming


  • Not produce scratch
  • Easy to clean

These are the various different features and characteristics of both the cleaners. So, choose the best cleaner and enjoy a hygienic life.

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