Samsung Robot Vacuum Review

The Samsung robot vacuum is a floor cleaning device which is used to remove the dust, debris, and other small particles. It detects the dirtiest areas and cleans those areas quickly without any delay.

Its is designed perfectly so as to reach the hard corners and does the motion in a smooth manner to help you to clean the floor without leaving a single dust. The following article provides information about the feature, structural appearance, uses, demerits, price, and warranty of the product.


It has a sleek body; highlighted by copper and designed to have the virtual guard and cliff sensor along with the remote control system. The robot vacuum is specially designed to have a ceiling at its top; that faces the camera, to have a smart mapping. The digital inverter technology offers good suction.

The bigger size drum rush which is 2.5 mm wide, is used to remove the dust in the corner areas and has two side brushes. With the help of the easy pass wheels, it can overcome various obstacles like wire, doorframe, carpet, etc. It has 4 styles of cleaning; auto, manual, spot and max modes.


This kind of robot vacuum is more powerful than the others. As it is specially designed with the easy pass wheels, it can easily jump from the carpet to the hardened areas easily. With the help of the cyclone force system, it separates the dust and debris for maintaining the suction power.

The advanced options present on it helps to clean the floors effectively.  The bin present on the top of the robot vacuum is transparent to be visible to know whether the dust bin has been filed or not.

While working, it produces less noise leaving people undisturbed. Also, you can set the silent mode to prevent the noise, coming from the robot vacuum.

The remote control will indicate the position of the dirtiest areas and the cleaning is done in a perfect manner. It can be used easily and has a good suction power. When the power starts getting low, it moves to the docking station and when charged completely, it resumes to clean from the place where it left.


The product has a 10 years warranty; which is more than required.

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Key Features

  • 2.5 mm wide Drum rush
  • Cliff sensor


  • Highlighted by copper
  • Ceiling at its top


The navigation of the Samsung robot vacuum is less when compared to others. As the product is heavy in weight, it is unable to fit under the chair or any other tables. In rare cases, it misses the corners of the rooms. It costs expensive than the other robot vacuums. No virtual walls or guards are built in it. Also, it is not designed to have the Wi-Fi connection like the leading robot vacuums.

After buying the product, you have to maintain it with proper care. It is necessary to buy the top most quality robot vacuum to have a long lifespan. If you like this article you can share with your friends on social networking sites.

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