Neato Xv Signature Pro Pet & Allergy Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

The robotic vacuums have undergone several updates with different technologies being used to make them perform better to provide hands-free cleaning to the people. Although the irobot Roomba rules the world of robot vacuums, the Neato XV is a prominent substitute for those who wish to spend a little less for cleaning.


Let us look into the review of the specs and other features to know if they are a boon to the robotic vacuum world.


The neato XV signature pro is built to be sturdy with a tough outer shell and is able to bare the minor hits of the furniture legs. It is made with a low profile design to fit compact under the furniture. Unlike the other brand models which require tilting the machine or removing the drawer to empty the bin, the neato comes with a bin at the top and be easily lifted to clean the garbage.

It is designed with an old fashioned LCD display which sets it back. The backlit menu provides an easy interface to use. Even though the machine is built with artificial intelligence, it fails to get close to the owner unlike its competitors.

With the 3.7 inch height and 8.2 pounds of weight, it is still compact and convenient to use. It is also portable to be carried anywhere with the help of the built-in handle that is attached to the top of the machine.


The neato XV pro is so simple to use. It can be made to clean by pushing a power button to on or off the device. As it features home base system, it finds the way to the dock to get recharged as soon as it runs out of the battery. Upon charging, it can resume cleaning from the place where it actually left.

As neato comes with the scheduling ability, it can be pre-scheduled to perform cleaning operations whenever required. It has a decent suction power to enable cleaning even the hardwood floors. The key feature is that it is capable of trapping the pet debris too.


It navigates effectively to move around the home for cleaning. It uses lasers to map the area to be cleaned.

With its low profile design, it can move under the bed, sofa and even the low hanging curtains by avoiding the obstacles on its way. Even though it moves slowly, it covers a larger space when cleaning. It navigates by making a perimeter first and then continues to navigate by making back and forth movements or row by row movements. It goes with the saying that “slow and steady wins the race” by moving slowly, covering the vast area without repeating the area already cleaned.


As the HEPA filters trap the debris and the dust, it is necessary to clean it every 2-3 months. They can be washed under running water. It can also be cleaned with the help of compressed air or a hand vac. Also, as soon as the device indicates to empty the bin, make sure you empty them.


The neato Xv takes approximately about 2-3 hours to charge completely. Upon a single charge, it can run up to 90 minutes to clean efficiently. When the battery drops down or when it finishes the cleaning activity, it returns back to its home base, i.e., the charging dock for charging on its own.


It is cheaper than the irobot. It can pick up the debris including the tough to remove pet hairs. It can be used to clean a particular spot or multiple rooms. Upgrading the firmware is easy. With the help of the laser guidance method, it covers the room in a logical pattern to reach every part of the room. It also maps the area to be cleaned and performs cleaning before it completely drains. It clearly indicates the ongoing cleaning process in simple language.


It lacks the remote control to control cleaning activity and making it re-clean an area. Even though it is built to resume from the place it left, it starts all over again in case if it drops charge on its way to the dock. It is quite louder. As it is meant to lift the pet hair, cleaning the filters becomes a tedious task to perform.

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Key Features

  • HEPA filters
  • 3.7 inch height and 8.2 pounds


  • Cheaper
  • Laser guidance method


To conclude, this is a product for those who wish to purchase a product as an alternative to the irobot devices. Even though it lacks the remote control, it can perform well by programming. The lack of the side brush leaves the edges and the corners untidy. However, the unit serves the purpose compared to all the other products in this price range.

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