Neato Robot Vacuum Review

People spend more time to clean their homes. But, the neato robot vacuum can clean your house within a few minutes. The robot vacuum will provide you a shiny floor.

Neato robot vacuum is a device; which is used to remove the dust, dirt, and other tiny organisms. By reading the following article, you can know about the features, warranty, pros, and cons of the product.


It has a sleek modern design. This robot vacuum have a laser guided mapping system and helps to clean the floors in an efficient way. It goes in a straight way rather than bouncing on the walls and legs of the furniture. The suction motors help to remove the dust effectively.

It has two stage filtration systems. At first, it picks up the dust and passes through the two air-filters. The robot vacuum can retain the dust and traps the dust from escaping into the home. The robot vacuum consists of the cleaning brushes which can remove the dust very effectively.

To begin the robot vacuum, just press the start button and select the number of days, and time you want it to run. On the front side of the robot vacuum, it has a sensitive touch bumper and has two wheels below it. It is made of plastic. The corner clever technology helps to keep the corners of the room clean.


Neato robot vacuum works well on hard-surface and on the low-pile carpeting. It has cliff sensors which help in preventing the robot vacuum from falling down the stairs. As the robot vacuum is designed to have  large dust bins, it is required to empty it frequently. The very powerful suction helps to clean the floors very well.

While working, it produces only a low noise and won’t disturb the people on the surroundings. So, it can be used by all the people. The device can automatically recharge when it loses its power. It reaches the docking station, gets charged, and return to continue its work.

With the help of the laser smart mapping, it can easily monitor the unclean areas of the room and take the dust present on it; instead of wandering on the cleaned portions of the f

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Key Features

  • 2 stage filtration systems
  • Laser guided mapping system


  • Cliff sensors
  • Monitor unclean areas


This robot vacuum is not designed for high-pile rugs and  deep carpeting. It does not equip the remote control. As it is not having the virtual wall, you should always have an eye on the robot vacuum. It takes more time to remove the dust from the floor and to recharge.


The warranty of the product is one year.

By reading the above information, you can get basic ideas about the Neato Robot Vacuum. You should buy the best quality robot vacuum to stay for long periods of time.

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