Neato (Botvac) vs Roomba: Which is Better?

The debate between two companies has been increased reliably and rapidly with the increase in robotic vacuums. I have experience with both Neato and Roomba models, and I will share with you the better series robotic vacuums you can prefer to go with.

Neato (Botvac) vs Roomba

If you are tired up with reading the entire article, then here is a synopsis our article is going to deal with.

  • Do you need to consider going with the best one without noting the expensiveness, then you can choose the Roomba 980.
  • If you need your Robotic vacuum to be the mix of features along with the value you spend, then you can go with the new Botvac D3.
  • Are you in need of a Robotic vacuum that falls within your budget, then opt to Roomba 650 without any hesitation.

So Let’s check out the bottom line as an overview below.

First, we will know the basics of both companies Neato and Roomba in detail.


When compared to iRobot, Neato is the smaller company but designed from the silicon valley expertise of engineers and technologists especially for the Robotic Vacuums. The company that was incorporated in 2010 has developed many numbers of Neato vacuum with good results already. The only thing Neato Robotics lack is their size, but it matches with the technology and focuses implementation.


iRobot is the company behind the Roomba and the initial starting that creates a robotic solution in early 1990, and they helped for the bomb disposal. From there, the company has extended to a developed vast range of domestic product offerings and defense product offerings. The robots they created ranged from both automatic pool cleaners, vacuums, rugged military devices, etc.

Neato (Botvac) vs. Roomba

The categories derive the comparison between the two brands namely Cleaning Technology, Design, Maintenance, Charging, Price and Accessories. Let’s check them one by one in depth.

Cleaning Technology

The category is considered to be the mandatory test in a robotic vacuum, do you need to know the working mechanism behind the technology? This is one of the best tests and good choice, both Roomba and Neato are the leaders when considering the latest trends and makes the comparison tough.


This robotic vacuum has the excellent suction and quickly sets the device as a part of it and also as a part of the industry leader. The silicone brush with the rotating features indicates the less cleaning, and you will be able to clean out the pet dander, hair, dust, etc. without any clog up.

There is a one negative while taking the Neato robotic vacuum; it’s the noise they make. The sound is louder than the Roomba robotic vacuum, and other similar machines make.


The suction power is not as good as Naeto and tries to make up in other ways; the Roomba ranks second after the Neato. The passing technology that is persistent is being the reason for the less powerful suction, and this imitates the traditional vacuums so that it can be assured whether they are cleaned up.

So, the winner of the cleaning technology is undoubtedly the Neato.


Both Roomba and Neato are powerful and developed to be attractive, sleek modern design while comparing it’s essential to check out the design functionality rather than other aspects.


The circular design of the Roomba robotic vacuum help in providing the low cornering ability when compared to the Neato. Roomba, with its sleek modern design, is developed with a small footprint and this should be highly appreciated. The finish in the outer vacuum comes with gray shade which helps to avoid scratching of the device.

One benefit of the circular design is that they are capable of switching to any direction within no seconds and it can quickly turn into face front. Roomba is capable of undergoing more furniture varieties as they just come with the height of 3 only 3 inches.


There is rounded back along with a square front which helps in cleaning the round corners effectively. The neato is designed with cheaper plastic, and therefore it’s low when compared to Roomba as they are intended to come with the modern finish.

The dust pin accommodated within the model is vast when compared to Roomba and more significant than the 800 series cleaner. The robotic vacuum is designed to be 4 inches tall and therefore get stuck under low hanging furniture.

The result?

Neato is designed with more design functionalities when compared to the Roomba, and therefore the winner of design category is the Neato!


The robotic vacuum maintenance is not much difficult if you have chosen the best one, a smart device can take care of itself, so in this case, we are going to discuss the both maintenance in detail.


They are derived from being problematic in the case of the bin reaching its capacity; you will start checking out dark streaks over your carpet, other problem while taking the Neato is that you will need to clean the sensors every 10 to 12 uses or else they get blocked by the dust particles.


This dustbin is not going to be as shabby as the neato; it’s enough if you clean them once in a week, this will end up in a smaller bin too.

The virtual lighthouse along with the Roomba robotic vacuum turns on automatically as per your schedule process. This is designed with better quality control and best engineering, and therefore Roomba is considered to be reliable when compared to the Neato.

So, undoubtedly the winner of maintenance goes to Roomba.

Battery Life/Charging

Battery life is considered to be the one part of the Robotic vacuum, let’s check out the features of both the robotic vacuum in detail.


The vacuum took so many time just for docking but indulged with more pathfinding ability. The virtual lighthouse in the device help in finding the docks and therefore communication help in solving out the problem and also considers your right path.


Simple for finding it’s power docks and not needed for worrying about the recharging. The dock navigation is a great skill, and they get stuck when it gets dock navigation and can create a huge inconvenience.

Undoubtedly the winner is the Neato!


Budget is considered to be the essential factor to choose a product, let’s check which would be the budget-friendly one.


You can get this product from a retailer for $420, and the price differs from being less or high online.


The robotic vacuum would cost $500 to $600, and similarly, you can find the product less or high online.

The budget-friendly robotic vacuum is the Neato.


Both Roomba and Neato are designed with standard accessories and some with similar ones. Both of them has a home dock and user guides.


Virtual Lighthouse is considered to be the extra accessory; this emits a beam that is invisible which means Roomba is not assigned for cleaning some specific areas. The beam emitted can cover up more than 14 feet of any open space, and this starts automatically when the robotic vacuum get’s started. The virtual Wall makes the Roomba favorite for all.


The magnetic marker strips which are considered to be in the “no-go” zones and therefore comes with two standard brushes that can be replaced.

Overall, Roomba wins the accessories category with its virtual wall.

Final Words

Hope the above difference between the features of Neato and Roomba helped you to know about the products of Robotic vacuum in detail.

Any ideas, queries, and thoughts on the products are welcome.

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