LG Hom- Bot Square Robotic Vacuum Review

The quote, “Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness” intends keeping your place and the surroundings clean to live a healthy and happy life. But the process involved in cleaning makes people hate doing chores; even at the weekends.

Although the vacuum cleaners were invented for this purpose, they do not clean the house efficiently. With the advent of the robotic technology, more and more brands have come up with several models and designs claiming that they are the best manufacturers of the robot vacuums. One among them is the LG hom- bot vacuums. In this review, we have reviewed this particular brand stating the key features along with the merits and demerits too. Have a look at the article, before you get ready to purchase.

LG hom bot-Review

It is the latest entry into the widely known robotic vacuum field. It claims to clean efficient by following the initial uses and is equipped with a HEPA filter to benefit allergic people. Let us now inspect the features and find out whether it is worth the money spent.


This is a robot vacuum which is a bit heavier with 3 kg weight and yet lighter to move around. It is available in a wide range of colors and is made to look glossy with the patterned finish and is made of the plastic material on the outer. The glossy finish, however, tends to imprint fingers and requires wiping often to make it look new.

The robot is designed to be square in shape to fit into any places and is compact with a height of about 9 cm. Even though it provides storage benefits, the product offers low ground clearance. This smooth looking robot comes inbuilt with a 0.6-litre dust bin to collect the unwanted dirt and can be easily removed by pushing a button at the top.

Over the top, it is built with buttons stating home mode; which helps to control the robot to get charged or to shift the modes of cleaning and is featured in the display provided to monitor performance. These can also be done with the help of the remote controls too.

The bot has four wheels on the bottom and brushes on the sides and one in the middle. The wheels provide better traction over different floor surfaces. The charging point is compact and features a cut out for storing the remote.

Key features and benefits

The robot vacuum cleaner features seven cleaning modes; smart turbo mode helps in increasing the suction power along with the noise, the cell by cell mode divides the room into smaller portions and cleans one by one, the spiral mode cleans in a spiral shape, zigzag mode moves back and forth unless it meets any obstacles, repeat mode to perform cleaning again, schedule mode to set the cleaning set at a particular time every day and my space mode to clean only a particular area that requires cleaning.

All these modes are guided with the help of voice controls and let you know the area where the bot has reached. Also, it has a mapping resume function, with the help of which you can return your bot to the area where you left cleaning.


It has an extraordinary suction power to pick up anything on the floor. Even if it fails to pick at the first attempt, it goes back to the same place and picks it again. It helps in deep cleaning of the carpeted area.

The featuring brushes that are 1.5 cm are capable of picking up any small debris lying in the carpet area.

LG claims to provide a battery life of 100 minutes with a single charge. The robot is built to get back to the charging dock as soon it runs low on the battery. It takes nearly 3 hrs to get charged completely.

Merits and demerits

It provides extraordinary suction power and adequate cleaning with the presence of seven cleaning modes. Also, helps to benefit allergic people with the HEPA filter present. It is one of the quietest vacuums with a decent battery life.

However, the product struggles with the cables and gives low ground clearance when compared to the other rivals under this category. It is considered to be priced high for these features.

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Key Features

  • Zigzag mode
  • HEPA filter


  • Quietest
  • Mapping resume function


According to the reviews and features discussed, the LG robot vacuum is the one with decent performance and a good battery life. Also, it is very easy to use and comes with a seamless design to fit in the place. We recommend this product to those who have a clutter free floor surfaces and do not bother about the price tag it comes with.

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