Irobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot Review

Almost all the robot vacuums perform the similar tasks of cleaning. None has been proved to provide satisfied results which are similar to those human guided vacuums. “Work smarter not harder”, is a self-evident truth that suits cleaning. With the invention of robotic vacuums, the manufacturers try helping the people to make their cleaning automated, by making it work harder and smarter but, not all the brands marketed prove to be beneficial.

irobot roomba 770 is the latest version released by the brand and is claimed to be smarter and hard working. Will this device replace the old vacuum cleaner models? Will it provide you hassle free cleaning? Read the review below which discusses the details of every aspect of this device to help you derive an answer.

irobot roomba 770- review

Since its introduction in 2002, the Roomba models have been considered to be the most effective brand of robot vacuums which serves the purpose of cleaning. It gives a tough competition to all the other brands marketed with its unique features. Let us look into them in a detailed note.


The roomba 770 is built to be 3.6 inches tall. This is designed with a larger capacity of a removable single dustbin with 0.17-litre capacity, as an update to its previous rivals. It comes with a sealed gearbox along with the detachable filters and brushes. Unlike the previous models, it is easier to remove the collected debris and dust sticking in the brushes.

The Roomba models are being built with the dirt sensors in all its models that are effective in dirt detection. This latest version also features dirt detecting acoustic sensor combined with the optical sensors for clear vision to map the areas of dirt.

It comes with a charging dock which emits an infrared signal to guide the robot to the dock when it is out of vision. It also comes with the 2 virtual floor walls to enable the roomba to find the dock when it goes missing.


The Roomba 770 has a 3 stage cleaning system to lift deep dirt and debris from the floor and the carpet area. The presence of the spinning side brushes enables cleaning along the edges of the walls. The counter-rotating brushes are designed to perform functions similar to a broom and the brush to sweep and pick up dirt effectively.

The suction capacity used is the aero vac 2 technology, which helps in removing any hidden debris including pet hairs. It is also equipped with the dual HEPA filters to enable the emitted air to be cleaner and safer.

With the help of the self-adjusting cleaning head suspension, the device automatically switches from cleaning the carpet to the floors without the necessity of instructing it manually.

The on-board scheduling, offers pre-scheduling of the tiny device, to perform cleaning at a particular time. This can be done up to seven times in a week.


The Roomba uses iAdapt technology for navigation. This is a technology which comprises of software and sensors with a low profile design to make the roombas clean more effectively by making a number of passes, avoiding the staircases, cleaning the area around and beneath the furniture, and cleaning along the wall edges and corners.


It is made with the ease of using the control pads. As it charges on itself, it is equipped with a home base technology to make the roomba get to the dock as soon as it gets low on battery. There is an indicator that displays to empty the bin whenever it is full. It has effective cleaning strokes that pick up all the dirt and perform filtering to enable breathing the cleaner air.


The tiny device is louder than its rivals. It is reported that it forgets the dock at times. Even though the bin is built bigger, it can still be made bigger to incorporate more debris. It is not able to clean the stairs and gets tangled between the rugs.

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Key Features

  • 3.6 inches tall
  • 0.17-litre capacity


  • 3 stage cleaning system
  • aero vac 2 technology


The Roomba 770 can is recommended for those having hard floors and find it difficult to clean up. Even though it is a bit noisy, it is worth with its functions. Also, this is one of the affordable robots at this price range. With its overall speed and picking the dust capacity, it overtakes the other brands made with the similar features. No device can be made to be 100% perfect. So, purchasing the robot vacuum will not be the biggest blunder for sure as it is an effective automated tool indeed.

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