Irobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot Review

The Roomba vacuum cleaner is specially designed to remove the hairs, which are shed by the pets. The robot vacuum helps to keep your home clean. It will remove the dust, dirt and other micro organisms on the floors and walls.


It is designed to have a 3 stage cleaning process; it can remove the hair, dirt, and debris from the floor. It works by loosening the materials with the help of the high-powered suction. Before moving forward to the next place, it ensures that the area is clean.

It comprises of the advanced sensors which help to detect the dirtiest areas and clean the place thoroughly. On the areas that are dirtiest, it will spend more time to clean. But, it cleans very well without a single dirt. It consists of the auto-scheduled cleaning and it can clean in 7 different sessions. You can set the time and date to clean the floor.

The push button control seems to be present at the top of the vacuum cleaner. By pressing the button, it turns green and indicates that the vacuum cleaner is in a ready state. When the battery gets low, it blinks yellow and when the battery is dead, it blinks red.

The side and rolling brushes play a major role in removing the dirt, dust or other debris from the floor. These brushes tend to loosen the materials and the suction help to pick them up. The weight of the product is 12 pounds.


It works well on any type of floor and transports from one type of floor to another kind of floor. You can use the robot vacuum on tile, hardwood and linoleum flooring. The bin in the vacuum is large. It can be operated very easily and has the capacity to detect the furniture and stairs.

As it is designed to produce low noise, it won’t disturb the people in the surroundings. You can run the robot vacuum even when you are sleeping.


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Key Features

  • 7 different sessions
  • 3 stage cleaning


  • Operated very easily
  • Detect furniture and stairs.


The price of the product seems to be expensive than the other robot vacuums, which are available in the market. As the shape of the vacuum cleaner is round, it can’t reach the corners easily. It takes more time to clean the floor. Sometimes, it gets stuck on the difficult flooring areas and on the high carpets. The robot vacuum cleaner takes more time to get fully charged.

On using this kind of robot vacuum, you can lead a dust free and a happy life. If you like this article, you can share with your friends.

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