Iclebo Arte Robotic Vacuum Review

Robotic vacuums are common in many places these days. This vacuum works automatically and keeps the home clean and neat. These vacuum cleaners have various special features for cleaning the surfaces. There are many brands that manufacture robotic vacuum cleaner. One among them is the iclebo arte robotic vacuum cleaner.

This robotic vacuum cleaner has won first place, in the German cleaning robot test.  This vacuum cleaner has two functions; sweeping and mopping. This cleans the surface efficiently and is user-friendly. Various characteristics and uses of the iclebo arte robotic vacuum cleaner are listed below.

What are the common Characteristics?

iclebo arte has various important characteristics, certain important characteristics are listed below.


This vacuum cleaner uses an advanced filter technology; HEPA filter, which separates the dirt and allergens from the air. This filter helps to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in the home.

Shape and size

This vacuum cleaner is small in shape and it has a sleek design. The size is compact and this cleaner easily moves under the sofas and other furniture. The design helps to clean the room effectively and efficiently.


In the robot vacuums, cleaner sensors are used for the navigation. Various sensors are used in this cleaner such as camera, IR, PSD, gyro, encoder, bumper etc. These sensors are used for various purposes such as navigation, mapping, touch-screen etc.

Floor type

This cleaner can be used on all types of floors such as carpet, hardwood, and tile. It also detects the cliff and avoids itself from falling. It also works efficiently in the vinyl floors.


A Lithium-ion battery is used in this vacuum cleaner. It is a rechargeable battery and can perform continuously for 160 minutes. Another feature of the battery is, it is durable and has a long lifetime with a voltage of about 14.8 volts.

Climb up

This is an important factor of this cleaner. It can climb up from  the floor to any areas at the height of 20 mm. Hence, it does not stop on carpets and in turn climbs over carpets and produces efficient cleaning.

Triple CPU

This vacuum cleaner is designed with a triple CPU. With the help of this CPU, the cleaner identifies the room size. It can also be used to find various obstacles such as carpets, edges, and corners.

Smart engine

The engine used in this cleaner is energy efficient and operates at a very less power. It has 50 navigation sensors and these sensors analyze the surroundings in 10,800 times/sec.

Top picks

 The top products of iclebo arte robotic vacuum cleaner are listed below.

  • iClebo YCR-M05-10 Arte Smart Home/Office Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Mopping Robot
  • iClebo Arte YCR-M05-20 Floor Mapping Smart Robotic Robot Vacuum Cleaning Cleaner for Home / Office
  • iClebo Arte YCR-M05 Smart Home/Office Vacuum Cleaner & Floor Mopping Robot


  • It cleans up to 94% of the dust in the houses.
  • This cleaner performs vacuuming and mopping simultaneously.
  • It has 15 sensor monitor to reduce collision.
  • The weight is very less and it also has a reduced noise level.


  • The major disadvantage is its cost, the cost of this cleaner is very expensive.
  • It has some trouble in finding the home base with large areas.
  • This cleaner has limited battery life.

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