Dyson Robot Vacuum Review

Dyson robot vacuum is a device which is used to remove the tiny dust particles on the floor and in the hidden places of the furniture, bed, etc. It plays a significant role in cleaning your house.

It can travel to the hard reached areas efficiently.  So, it can clean the areas clearly. By reading the points below, you can get information about the Dyson robot vacuum.


The battery is made of the rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.  As it consists of brushes made of the carbon-fiber, it can reach the hard surfaces easily. For carpets, you can use the nylon bristles. The shape of the Dyson 360 degree is a circle and its color is nickel blue. It has 0.33-liter capacity dust bin. The app control is used to control the vacuum.


It helps to pick up the hair, debris, and other dust particles. The rotating brushes play a major role in reaching the nooks and corners of the room. The 360-degree camera fitted on the top of the robot vacuum helps to monitor the room and you can clean the entire room. It is capable of covering the entire house and it is very powerful to gather the unwanted particles present in the edges of the room.

The height of the robot vacuum is taller than the other cleaners. It can navigate through the legs of the chairs or even the smaller spaces of the room in a proper way. This robot vacuum can clean all types of floors.

It is unable to climb the stairs and yet portable with its lightweight. So, it can be easily shifted from one place to another place easily. The firmware has an improved edge which can reduce the time required in cleaning the room.

As soon as the vacuum gets charged, you can press the top button and it starts cleaning without any delay. The acoustic sensors play an essential role in detecting the dirty areas. The technology provided in the Dyson robot vacuum helps to clean the room in a perfect way.

Life of Battery

The battery’s’ life is about 45 minutes and its requires 2.75 hours to get charged.


It requires very little time to maintain the Dyson robot vacuum. The pre and the post-motor filters have to be cleaned with water once a month. You can remove the brush by unlocking it. You should replace the firmware regularly without fail.


The cost of the Dyson robot vacuum is expensive than the other robot vacuums available in the market.

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Key Features

  • 0.33-liter capacity dust bin
  • Made of the carbon-fiber


  • Clean the entire room
  • Taller


As the Dyson robot vacuum is tall, it is unable to fit under the small furniture. It can’t control the cleaning zones. Sometimes, it gets stuck up in the hardened areas.

You have to buy the best quality robot vacuum to have a long lifespan. If you like this article, you can share it on social networking sites.

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