Dyson 360 EyeTM Robot Vacuum Review

Everybody around the world wishes to keep their homes cleanly vacuumed. But none of us loves the process of vacuuming which requires a lot of time and patience. It is tedious to be done manually. To benefit cleaning was the reason why vacuum cleaners were introduced in the beginning.

But they failed to serve the purpose as they were heavy to carry around. At this juncture, and with the newer technologies developing, the robotic vacuums came into the scene.  But not all the robot vacuums were effective in performance.

The all new Dyson 360 Eye

Dyson engineers since the inception in 1999 started working on robotics to invent the machine that is a vacuum first and a robot second. After several attempts and continuous efforts, the Dyson eye 360; a genuine and powerful labor-saving device has been globally launched by them claiming that they have twice the suction of any other robotic vacuums.

In this article, we have depicted the details of all the features of the all new mini robot. Now, let us have a look at the various aspects of the robot vacuum.

Design & Setup

The Dyson 360 is a mini unit. It is smaller to reach all the nook and corners to clean the debris but taller to be stored under the furniture. It is tall because of the fact that is built with Dyson’s powerful cyclone technology motor that is miniatured to fit into it.

It is rough and built in a manner to look Dyson in all aspects. It comes with an easier assembly which requires plugging in the A4 size charging port into the robot vacuum to be put in charge. Once charged, hitting the go button on top makes it ready to clean.

With the tank trap treads at the front, it is avoided from being hit by the furniture legs and roll over any surface heights. It can also be detached easily to clean the collected dust. It comes with a large brush bar at the sides in order to clean all the surfaces of the floor.

The brushes are made of stiff nylon bristles and soft carbon filaments to facilitate cleaning of the wider area. The dustbin can store up to 0.33 litres of debris, which can easily be cleaned with the help of the push buttons.

360-degree eye

The 360-degree rotating eye is built to be at the top of the robot. As it at the top, it sees every possible untidy place to clean. Also, you can get to know the mapping of where the robot has cleaned and where it has not cleaned. With this eye, it enters into a place to recharge on its own after being used for 40 minutes continuously.


The Dyson robot vacuum as claimed is capable of cleaning with twice the suction power of the other vacuums. With the help of the 360 degree, it maps the area to be cleaned and enters from one room to room to clean better except the stairs. However, to clean the stairs, heavy stains or a spot cleaning, it requires additional mopping techniques.

However, the thin wires or cloth if left any on the floor can get sucked up with the robot and thereby stop it from performing. Also, the eye does need an additional lighting to look through the untidy areas.

Dyson link app

With the help of the Dyson app, you can schedule your robot to clean the home regularly at a particular time. The setup requires connecting to the vacuum’s own Wi-Fi network. It helps to start and end the cleaning process and functions as a remote control. The app allows you to check the activity of the performance of your mini robot by featuring a map of the area where it has cleaned along with the number of charges it took to perform cleaning. To ensure performance ability, the software is continuously updated automatically.

Merits and demerits

The product is suitable for cleaning smaller areas and also is easy to set up. It is effective in collecting all the unwanted debris. Also, has a remote access with the unique app design.

However, it is expensive than the other vacuums with these specs. Also, the navigation is not considered to be a benchmark. It lacks the spot cleaning mode, though.

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Key Features

  • A4 size charging port
  • 0.33 litres of debris


  • 360-degree rotating eye
  • Easy to set up


Even though it has unique 360 eyes with a uniquely designed app to monitor cleaning and to perform well, the other brands offering the similar features are priced lower when compared to the Dyson. It does not help you to stop cleaning completely as it requires additional vacuums to clean the taller areas such as the stairs. Also, it requires emptying the bin from time to time. However, in spite of the limitations, it is still the best robotic vacuums in the market till date.

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