What Are The Different Roomba Models? – A Comparison

Roombas are the automatic robot vacuum cleaners available in the market and are rated top among the best sellers. These Roombas are marketed by the brand named iRobot. As stated in the brand’s official website, they have earned revenue of over $617 million as of 2015 since its introduction by selling more than 15 million products worldwide.

Along with the robot vacuum cleaners, they also market several other products; irobot scooba for scrubbing the floors, irobot braava for floor mopping, irobot mirra for floor cleaning and the irobot Looj for gutter cleaning. We have compared the different models of the Roomba vacuum cleaners available in the market; in all aspects, to help you pick the one that suits your needs.

What are the models available in the Roombas?

The Roombas comes in different models that include the following,

  • Roomba 650
  • Roomba 614
  • Roomba 860
  • Roomba 870
  • Roomba 880
  • Roomba 980
  • Roomba 620
  • Roomba 770

What are the common features of all models?

Even though each model is unique with specific factors, there are certain factors which are built with all the models. They include,

  • 3 stage system- All the Roomba models make use of the 3 stage vacuuming system. They involve the counter-rotating brushes to pick the debris and dust, a spinning side brush to clean the walls and the vacuum which effectively pulls all the dirt and drives them into the bin.
  • iAdapt technology- This is a technology which comprises of software and sensors with a low profile design to make the Roombas clean more effectively by making a number of passes, avoiding the staircases, cleaning the area around and beneath the furniture, and cleaning along the wall edges and corners.
  • Home base- All the Roombas are designed such that they return to their home base, i.e to the charging dock to get recharged, when they run out of power.

How do they differ between models?

Now that we understood the common features, it is necessary to know the features that make them differ between models. They are,

  1. Vacuuming technology

 The Roombas differ with the three types of vacuuming technologies. They include,

  • Aerovac technology– The aero vac technology allows optimized airflow that pulls hairs of the brushes and directs them into the bin. This technology allows the bin to get filled evenly and benefits emptying the bin less frequently.
  • Aero vac 2 technology– It is more efficient than the aero vac technology with the vacuum that is capable of pulling more hairs from the brushes and directing them to the bin. It also offers clog resistant design to optimize vacuum effectiveness.
  • Aeroforce technology– This technology introduces the debris extractors and enables delivery of an ideal balance of vacuum suction and debris extraction.

Among these technologies of vacuuming, the 614,620, and the 650 models use aero vac technology,770 models make use of the aero vac 2 technology whereas the 860,870, 880 and the 970 models make use of the aeroforce technology for vacuuming accordingly.

  1. irobot home app

With the app and by connecting to the Wi-Fi on your smart phone, you can perform operations like cleaning, scheduling, carpet boosting, and edge cleaning in android and in iOS platforms.

However, the function is available only in the 980 Roomba model.

  1. Filter types

Generally, the Roomba models make use of two types of filter types namely; aero vac and HEPA filters. The HEPA filters are found to be more efficient in capturing dust particles with leaving fresh air that is healthier to breathe.

The models 614,620 and 650 use the Aerovac filters while the other models make use of the HEPA filters.

  1. Carpet boosting mode

With this feature, the product can be controlled to clean the extensive rugs and carpets with the help of the app installed on the phones. However, the feature is available only in the Roomba 980 model.

  1. Edge cleaning mode

Similar to the above mode, this helps in cleaning the wall along the edges with the app installed. However, this feature is also available in 980 models only.

  1. Built in camera

With the help of the built-in camera, visual mapping and effective navigation of the entire home is possible and this feature is limited to be used only with the 980 model again.

  1. Debris extractor

The tangle free extractors help to grab the debris by eliminating the hair tangles and jams. The airflow accelerator creates a locked up channel to concentrate the airflow by sucking more debris.

This feature is available in the 860,870,880 and the 980 models alone.

  1. Scheduling

This is the inventive method that allows you to preset the robot vacuums to clean at a regular period every day. This can be done up to 7 times a week. The robot automatically starts cleaning as soon as the scheduled time arrives. Except the Roomba 614 and 620, all the other models can perform this action.

  1. Dust bin load indicator

This is a feature which indicates to empty the dustbin as soon as it gets full. This feature is available in all the models except the 650,620 and 614.

  1. Batteries

The rumba models are built either with the Nickel- metal hydride or the Lithium-Ion battery; The models 614,620, 860, and 980 have the lithium ion battery whereas all the other models come with a Nickel metal hydride battery.

  1. Navigation

The Roomba models with any one or a number of the following navigation devices,

  • Virtual walls- This is a tiny device which emits infra-red beam such that the Roombas stop crossing. With this, the Roombas stops from entering the areas that are not necessary to be cleaned. The 870, 770 models use 2 virtual walls whereas the 650 model uses only 1. Also, the 620 and 614 models can be navigated by purchasing these walls separately and attaching to them.
  • Virtual wall lighthouses- These tiny devices can be set either into virtual wall mode or lighthouse mode. This technique helps the robot to guide cleaning up to 3 rooms. The 880 use 2 each.
  • Dual mode virtual wall barriers- This helps to protect a certain restricted area within the room. The 980 model uses 2 and the 860 model use 1 to navigate.

Final word

If you note, the Roomba models based on the hierarchy of the model introduced first, the capacity of vacuuming along with the coverage of the floor tends to increase. However, the model that is latest may cost more than the one that was first introduced.

As every Roomba comes with a bit of difference in features, make use of this detailed comparison, note down the important features that you wish to have in your Roomba and purchase the one which features all that you require and meets your budget.

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