How to Choose a Robot Vacuum | The Buying Guide

The vast improvement in technology has brought considerable changes to the world, in which Robotic Vacuum is having a significant role. Today we are going to check how you should get a reliable Robot Vacuum with all mandatory features and other similar specifications in depth below.


Why Robot Vacuum?

The reason for the vacuum is aesthetics; you can see a vast improvement and appearance of your floor like an increase in the air quality of your home, health benefits and much more if you are vacuuming regularly. It can also improve the lifetime of the carpet by getting rid of the trapped particles from the carpet.

How often should you vacuum?

According to the professionals and experts, it’s good if you vacuum two to three times a week if you have more pets, if a number of people is high or if your home gets the dirt and dust as soon as possible.

When do you need a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

The vital aspect every one prefers to go for Robot Vacuum is that they can be used every day without much effort. Most of them may feel that this is being used higher when compared to the regular vacuum cleaners you have. To neglect those situations the technology advancement Robotic vacuum would be highly helpful in delegating the tedious task and making your new robotic friend to set the action.

Is it better than Upright?

Nothing can be worth when compared to an upright vacuum, if you are the one who needs rapid immaculate floors then you can choose robot vacuum with ease. You might be currently using any vacuum type for once in a week, in this case, you are not advised to go with the robot vacuum.

You need to spend your valuable money in an upright vacuum those cases; robot vacuum can be just a prior addition.

Robot Vacuum Types

In 1996, Trilobite which was the first Robot Vacuum was brought up in the market, after the discontinuation iRobot Roomba was incorporated in the year 2002, this was a high popularity vacuum among the automatic cleaners. Their price ranged from $20 to $1000, the least models was at the price range of about $100, and these were marked as sweepers, robotic dusters, and robotic floor cleaners.

There are three categories of robot vacuum namely.

Robot Dusters

This model was the lower end of the market and considered to range less than $100, these models lacked many advanced features and lagged behind in performance. The robot dusters have bristle brush that can be rotated and electrostatic dust pad instead of actual vacuum motor, therefore cleaning the hard surfaces was quite tricky.

These robotic dusters was a novelty item which helped in performing random sweeping or wiping the floor rather than precise cleaning. Some of the products namely RoboMop softbase Floor Sweeper and Pyle Pure Clean etc. are robotic dusters.

Robot Mops

You can prefer to choose this if you need a vacuum cleaner that would work well with hard floors, the vacuum differs from standard sweepers with the help of a mop or cleaning solution to scrub on the floor. At present, the market is dominated and filled with iRobot Scooba or Braava line of products.

If you are the one who just needs a vacuum for cleaning your hard floors without thorough vacuum, then this might be the opt vacuum, and the cost range lies between $200 and $650.

Do not prefer to choose this vacuum type if your home has any carpeting as they don’t suit for it and the most essential product with robot mop is the iRobot Braava 38 out.

Robot Vacuums

The automatic cleaners are derived from being the robotics vacuums, this type of vacuum has features like floor cleaner brush, plastic blades, bristles and lucky provides suction to vacuum your floor. Perfect for any floors, efficiently collect any dust or debris and hold it in the collection bin.

This Robot Vacuum would cost around $200 to $2000; they are versatile and available in different models along with the sensors, cleaning tools, navigation software, etc. that lead to the best performance in any situations.

How to Pick a Robot Vacuum?

Once you are clear on choosing the type of vacuum you need for your home, the next step is to know about the features you need to look for while choosing them.

Where are you Standing on?

The first thing you need to look down is the place that you are going to make use of any of the above three models; you also need to find which robot vacuums will be the right fit and what type to go with. If you need to clean any carpeted floors, then you can opt for the robot vacuum.

In the case of medium and fluffy pile carpet, you need high power suction for getting rid of it. So you need to choose the robot that can help in taking away the dust, debris and much more from your carpet, considering low pile carpet would be the excellent choice, Suction is always measured in Watts.

Robot Vacuum class can be used for any type of applications except in case of aforementioned shag carpet as they could handle any type of floors and cope up with any type of mess and should get differentiated for other kinds. If your house is developed to be with different hard flooring types, then you can consider preferring robot mops.

If you need to clean any hard floor that is uniformly created like linoleum or hardwood, then you need to choose a mopping model that is well sufficient to clean those hard surface. In the case of tile floors with grout lines, you can consider selecting extra accessories like rotating brush head along with the robot mop for the efficient cleaning.

What are you going to clean in a room and how many places for cleaning?

The next step is knowing what type of room you are going to clean and how many rooms in a home you are going to clean, whether it’s a single room studio or multiple rooms or office floor with cubicles etc.

The sensor navigation package explains to you how efficiently the robot can maneuver and clean your home, there are different models you can choose with, and this should be based on the multi-room capabilities and others will be restricted to a single room.

Bottom Line

Apart from the above features and characteristics, there are other things like their specific type features to look for while choosing the one based on your need.

Any ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on choosing the robot vacuum are welcome.

Which model of Robot Vacuum have you used for your home or office? Share your experience with us through the comment section below.

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