Bobsweep Robotic Vacuum Cleaner And Mop Review

The robotic vacuum cleaner is the best way to keep the residence clean with limited work done. Among them, Bobsweep robotic vacuum cleaner offers comfort to the person using it and make them live in a safer environment. This vacuum cleaner does the action of mopping and cleaning simultaneously.

It is designed with various advanced technologies and functions. The important feature of the bobsweep is the use of radio frequency, instead of infrared frequencies. Some important characteristics of Bobsweep robotic vacuum cleaner and mop are listed below.


The Bobsweep vacuum cleaner is eco-friendly and is safe to use in the residences having pets with the following characteristics.

Automatic charging

The robot charges automatically when the battery is down. This feature makes the user feel free and makes work easy. The charging time ranges about 180 minutes.

5 in 1 cleaning

Bobsweep robotic vacuum cleaner offers 5 in 1 cleaning interface. The 5 functions are; vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, UV sterilization, and air purification. These 5 functions provide complete cleaning to the user.

Remote control

This robot also offers a remote control set up that can handle cleaning. The user can use the remote control to clean the remote areas of the room such as edges. This control can also be used to stop the robot.


Bobsweep vacuum cleaner has many sensors to detect the walls, floor, edges etc. There are 11 sensors; out of which, 4 constitute edge detection, 2 for touch detection, and other 5 for wall detection.

Cleaning schedule

This vacuum cleaner has a cleaning schedule and cleans the area according to the program. The user can change the cleaning schedule according to their convenience. It also has a mopping function for cleaning.

Speed adjustment

The bobsweep vacuum cleaner can be used at three variable speeds. This variable speed offers comfort and easy cleaning to the user. The user can adjust the speed based on the surface and area.


This robot has a lithium rechargeable battery that can recharge on its own. Mostly, the bobsweep recharges with the help of the infrared radiation. The battery life of the robotic cleaner is about 60-90 minutes.

3 layer HYPA filter

Bobsweep robot uses 3 layered HYPA cleaning technology that supports the user completely and enable cleaning the area perfectly. It allows the air to move out and stores the smallest particles in the dustbin.


The design is very simple and compact. It attracts many people and is easy to use under furniture. It is round in shape and it moves very easily on the carpets, floors etc.


This robot vacuum cleaner has a large capacity dustbin with 1000 ml capacity. All the waste from the ground and the surroundings are stored and separated by the filters and is stored in the dustbin.


  • This is a vacuum cleaner is equipped with the deep cleaning technology.
  • It is adaptable to different floors and cleans well.
  • Bobsweep is user-friendly and has many modes of operation.


  • It offers less comfort while moving in dark rugs.
  • This robot gets stuck on loose cards.
  • This offers a limited battery life.

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Key Features

  • 3 layered HYPA cleaning
  • 11 sensors


  • Recharges with  IR radiation 
  • Simple and compact

These are the various characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of Bobsweep robot vacuum cleaner. If you’re the one using it, share your user suggestions with us in the box given below.

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